how to get higher sale price for home

How to Get a Higher Home Sale Price in 2017

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Usher in the New Year by selling your property at a higher price and making some decent profits! Yes, the real estate market is currently booming and you need to make the most of the home trends. There’s no point wasting time on haggling with potential buyers; get smart instead and learn how to get a higher home sale price. Here are some tips to rake in cool profits on your home sale:

  • Check the local market home trends before setting the price of your home

If experts are to be believed then 2017 is going to be extremely volatile for the real estate market and setting the right price for your property will be crucial. You cannot expect to sell your house by setting a price that is not in sync with the home trends of your local markets. Home buying is a complex and tricky process – you will have to convince the buyers into paying you the price you expect.

It is not wise to set your price too high and that too without checking the prevailing local market rates. One smart ploy that many first time sellers use is setting the price 5 to 10 percent below the prevailing market rates. This strategy helps them to sell their homes quickly and without too much bargaining because enquiries for low-priced properties will be much higher.  Buyers will be more eager to buy your property and they will be driven by a sense of urgency.

  • Improve the interiors

We all get attracted to houses that are well kept and even are eager to pay a higher price for properties that are maintained in a proper manner. Thus, prior to setting up your home for sale, just invest a little time and money to improve the interiors. You can get the windows and the blinds cleaned. Open up the windows from time to time so that the rooms get illuminated by natural light. Replace the bulbs that are not working and you can even install a dimmer so that it provides a balance to your rooms.

  • Front door needs a paint job

As they say first impression is the last impression and what a better way to impress than getting your front door painted. The new coat of paint will take away all the dust that might have accumulated on your front door. You will love to see the look on your customer’ face when they enter your house because you might have just brought a smile on their face.

  • Keep it clean

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”

When you are getting into the act of home selling, the adage gains even more importance. So clean your house like you have never done before to impress the buyers. They are going to impress you by giving you the price you want.

You can’t afford to make mistakes while attempting to sell your house so do some legwork and use the above tips to sell your home at a higher price.

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