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4 Home Trends in 2017 Investors Need to Keep an Eye On

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Real estate investments can be rewarding but there are risks that come piggybacking along with such investments. As a property investor, you can make steady gains by being adaptive and making adjustments as and when the situation demands. In order to stay a step ahead in the race, you will have to keep an eye on home trends for both the commercial as well as the residential markets. 2017 holds great prospects in the home buying and home selling market and here is a list of 4 home trends in 2017 investors need to keep an eye on:

Construction of new homes will be among the top housing trends

The construction of new homes is going to get a boost in 2017 and trends are moving in the positive direction. There will be a rise of 11% in the single housing family segment and builders are going to come in really handy. They are going to fill in the void as there is a steady rise in the home prices. Commercial construction will also witness a steady rise because of the new home trends.

Taking off with the Drone technology

The use of drones is not limited to Amazon deliveries only; even the real estate agents are using it them to great advantage. After getting clearance from the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration, drones are being put to commercial uses. Smart real estate investors are using the drones to show their properties to their customers. Home buying activities can be made interesting and cost effective by using drones to vet office buildings, homes and other real estate properties.

Video feed from the drones will facilitate property inspection from different angles without viewing it in person. Structural defects in buildings are easily revealed even before carrying out physical inspection. Drones can save your money and valuable time by revealing flaws in properties.

Slow Growth of the Global Economy

After an eventful 2016 that threw bizarre surprises in the form of Brexit and US presidential election results, global economic growth is forecasted to be mute. IMF puts the economic growth at 3.4%, which is much lower than the earlier predictions. This is going to have a negative effect on the real estate market as well. As a real estate investor, you too can expect the global slowdown to have an impact on your investments.

Optionality is the future

Sharing is not limited to your Uber cab rides; it has now a pervaded the real estate space – quite positively.  Using a property is using optionality for the benefit of both the owners as well as tenants. Co-living is one such example of optionality that has redefined living and using a property.

The above are 4 of the most talked-about trends that are going to influence residential and commercial real estate market in 2017. As an investor, you cannot be absolutely ignorant towards the trends, so keep an eye on these trends to make the most of all the opportunities.

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